Sab Ka Gar: A home from home

Naurtuwala, Uttarakhand, India – November 2014

In November I spent a few weeks volunteering in a children’s home ‘Sabkagar’, meaning a home from home, a place for children who lost both their parents in 2012 floods in Uttakashi. The home is based in a quiet and tranquil place with the most incredible views.

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Alongside the home there is a Boundary-less Initiative programme created by local people who aim to create a Boundaryless World. The Boundaryless Initiative is intended to overcome the artificial boundaries we create amongst ourselves.

On the long winding path to Sabkagar there are several signs explaining this idea of a boundaryless world:

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For further information follow the link below:

Baalm, Sabka Gharor Boundaryless Initiative is neither about charity nor is it an organisation. It is a ‘network’ of human beings willing to assume responsibility (in varying degree) for the future of humanity. It is this that links the initiative with the home for these children who have lost their parents.

As I arrive I meet lots of happy smiley faces… took me a few days but by day 3 I finally learnt all their names. My next task was to be able to pronounce them all correctly, I never mastered that!


My days here involved getting up bright and early with the girls as they get up to do their morning chores. I admit I was always the last to get up and by the time I got outside I would catch glimpses of the younger ones aged only 6 carrying water in buckets down to the kitchen and the older ones aged 11 and 12 making sure the water is running correctly from the pipes. The boys get up a few minutes later but are soon busy with their chores. By 8am chores are done and breakfast begins before the make their way for the hour walk to school. The children race down steep hills jumping over rocks while I just managed to not fall.

In the evening I played games with the children to develop their English.



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Girlie Time

Poor girls….they were so excited about looking in my make up bag were quickly dissapointed when they found only 1 mascara and 1 eye liner and a rare collection of nail varnish. At least we managed to get some pretty feet.


Little Posers




Since being in India I have met lots of children and families who are in need and have sad stories but there is something about these children which is affecting me differently…..I just can’t put my finger on it.


These children have experienced the worst losing both parents but despite such tragedy they are bright and have a spirit about them which is magnetic.




2 thoughts on “Sab Ka Gar: A home from home

  1. David March 26, 2015 / 9:00 am

    What an amazing place. Love it’s values. And the kids seem equally incredible. Great post. x

    Liked by 1 person

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