36 hours of my life that I do not want to repeat!

In all the guide books and all over the internet the advice is to not eat Ice cream unless you can be sure that it won’t make you ill. What do I do….buy a chocolate ice cream from the station. To make it worse at the time I  thought that it was extremely melted….but then went ahead and ate it anyway. I didn’t even really want an ice-cream, I was just very bored -:)

My first 5 hours on a 36 hour train journey was pretty fun, met a lovely Indian family, enjoying the views and feeling excited about Rajasthan. I was even glad that I was in sleeper class and thinking that there is no need for me to go in AC class.

I very quickly changed my mind as I got increasingly more and more sick (literally). I spent the next 12 hours being sick on my bed, in the aisle, in the toilet and out of the train door. I honestly have never ever felt so ill in my life. I lost all my dignity and sat on the floor despite it being wet everywhere from people missing the toilet. At 1 point the train driver told me off for having the door open as it was in the night but after very nearly being sick on his shoe, he re-opened the door for me and left me to it. After holding on for nearly 4 hours I thought that I cope being back on my bed….as soon as I climbed up I was climbing down and running back to the door. I was glad that it was in the middle of the night as most people were sleeping.

Not all though!!!! One man was so fascinated he felt the need to take a photo of me being sick out the window. I am used to my photo being taken but I really have no words for this, I dread to think where this photo is now.

I finally stopped being sick after 12 hours and spent the rest of the journey huddled up on my bed, feeling pretty sorry for myself. I finally arrived in Jaipur and spent the first day recovering in my hostel.  It was a family run hostel who were amazing and kept checking on me and giving me boiled rice to eat.

Oddly but interestingly my narcolepsy on this day is the WORSE it has ever been. I was laying on my bed having horrific hallucinations alongside sleep paralysis which was then causing me to have cataleptic attacks over and over again. I didn’t time it exactly but my cataplexy lasted for at least 30 minutes.

I’m sorry for the awful picture but it really does sum it up well.

On top of this I kept having repetitive vivid dreams of normal daily tasks for example I kept dreaming that I was having a shower and getting dressed. I know this doesn’t sound that bad but these dreams are unbelievably vivid, so much that I wake up suddenly in complete confusion and realize that it was a dream. The best way I can explain it is that I feel like I have been drugged… I could be laying in bed for 5 and 10 minutes but I genuinely still think that I am up and dressed.  I am experiencing this more and more these days….it is really quite irritating.

My consultant (who is a very good Narcolepsy expert) is of the view that having a virus as a child could have caused my narcolepsy and that over the years the illness has manifested. I’m no doctor but I think that there is a clear correlation between becoming unwell and an increase in my narcolepsy symptoms. I wish my narcolepsy wasn’t affected to this extreme but at the same time it is hopefully that maybe at some point in the future treatment to address the cause rather than ‘just’ the symptoms will be found.

As you can imagine I was feeling pretty pissed off and exhausted but when I got to “extreme sorry for myself mode” I reminded myself that at least I wasn’t being sick out of a train window anymore. Next thing I know is I have fallen off my bed….evidently I found this funny -:)

Thankfully the next day although I didn’t feel 100% I was tucking into a rather large pizza on the roof terrace…..I was definitely ready to start to explore Jaipur.


I had a whirlwind tour of Jaipur known as the pink city (although I thought it was more of a brown colour)pink city

Here are a few of my highlights;

  • Amber fort

amber fort 2

amber fort

view from amber

  • Palace on water – Jal Mahal

palce on water